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The Vrouw Maria™ Museum

We have now started the virtual museum, since November 29th 2009, the Museum is open for guests.

It built on a virtual platform, similar to a homepage on Internet.

There are only a few exibitions open yet, but these monters are about how Vrouw Maria looked when she sailed and sunk on her last voyage to St. Petersburg with Catherine IIs art cargo treasure. 

The next phase will be about the paintings lost and images of contemporary copies of the very same works of art, planned to be opened in January 2010.

This image is based on an exact model of the ship wreck made by one of the divers. We have added what we have found to be the most accurate ilustration so far of the rigging. It is a combination of a Kof and a Snouw type of riggig. There are many questions still left open. If you have ideas or comments, please feel welcome to share them with the project.

We are also looking for any objects originally from Vrouw Maria that have been rescued and could be displayed in the museum.

Please take one minute to fill out our site survey about what you would like to see first on this official Vrouw Maria site.

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