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The art loaded on Vrouw Maria™

The Russian expert on foreign art Svetlana Usacheva-Ageyeva, Ph.D. has listed these paintings as being loaded on Vrouw Maria in Amsterdam.
The Dutch Art Historian Marina Aarts partly used a different list. If these paintings are the right ones and their current condition will only be discovered at the salvaging of Vrouw Maria. We also have other lists with overlapping descriptions.

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1. Hendrick van Balen (1575-1632): "The virgin and the young Jesus Christ.

2-4. Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681): "A musician with a guitar", "The officer who wrote the letter", "Girl with a dog. "

5-6. Gerard Dou (1613-1675): "The girl in yellow", "The reception was a surgeon."

7. Jan van Goyen (1596-1656): "The village on the banks of the river."

8. Willem Joseph Laquy (1738-1798): "An artist with a student.

9. Johannes Lingelbach (1622-1674): "A ship at anchor."

10. Gabriel Metsu (1629-1669): "The servant with the hare in his hands.

11. Frans van der Myn (1719-1783): "A gentleman with a glass.

12. Adrian van Ostade (1610-1685): "The man at the table."

13. Paulus Potter (1625-1654): "Large cow wagon.

14. Abraharm Stork (1644-1708): "City on the Rhine.

15. Adriaen van de Velde (1636-1672): "Herd on vacation.

16. Jakob de Wit (1695-1754): "Jug with flowers."

17-21. Philips Wouwerman (1619-1668): "Fight Club", "Old House", "The scene with the hunter," "The boy with the horse," "River".

Source: Itogi 2008.

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