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Film about Vrouw Maria™

Watch as ROVs capture the first images of a ship, that sank in 1771, loaded with priceless paintings.

Tales of priceless jewels and gold doubloons inspire shipwreck hunters to Herculean feats, but Vrouw Maria belongs in a different category from the Spanish galleons that dominate the visions of those who search for sunken treasure. For one, Vrouw Maria was lost in the Baltic Sea in 1771, and the story of her sinking, told here, is both well-known and nearly miraculous. While no lives were lost, her cargo - a matchless collection of canvases from Dutch masters like Vermeer and Rembrandt--has inspired centuries of fruitless searches.

From the dusty archives in Amsterdam to the fabled Winter Palace, follow the 230-year trail that led historians, engineers, and archeologists to finally locate Vrouw Maria's remains. Watch as the first ghostly images of the ship flicker on screen, and examine the debate over what should happen now, one that embraces everyone from Finnish politicians to American art historians and traditional treasure hunters.

See also Sea Hunters Vrouw Maria movie at Amazon, as part of Sea Hunters DVD-pack II.

Order your copy from History Channel , only 19,95 USD.

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