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About the Vrouw Maria™ Maritime Museum

This Maritime Museum was founded by a group surrounding the divers who found the Vrouw Maria, fascinated by her history. The Museum works in close cooperation with the owners of the "First Salvors Rights", confirmed by Finnish Court (see Finlex and search for "1965/1966"). Our goal is to first serve the large audience of interested visitors, who have followed other similar marine archeological events and ship museums. We also comply with the common practices for marine archeological research.

The group we represent is looking for cooperation with museums and strive for a good teamwork with the Finnish Maritime Museum. Until it is decided on how the hull and the cargo shall be lifted from the sea floor, we are preparing the Official Vrouw Maria Maritime Museum with everything else. We work together with other museums and professional organizations and institutions, all in the interest of what's considered optimal for Vrouw Maria and the transparent research of her history.

We operate according to the Code of good Practice for the management of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Baltic Sea Region (COPUCH)-framework.

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