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In case of a possible salvage

Currently there is no final decision taken regarding the salvage of Vrouw Maria. If there will be a salvage, the procedure needs to be in compliance with what the leading marine archeology consent to. All activities require should include proper treatment of the wreck in order for the preservation technique to fully function.

Although lack of knowledge prevents the archeologists to provide with the ideal preservation techniques, in some cases there are serious grounds for salvage. Obviously there are a whole range of issues to take into account, and depending on professional perspective and general standpoint, people have mixed views on the matter.

A new report from an international meeting about the Future of the Vrouw Maria ship. It states among other things that it is possible to raise Vrouw Maria. The Vrouw Maria Maritime Museum welcomes this report since it is in the same direction as our work.

We sincerely believe it is significant to have an ongoing dialogue concerning salvage techniques and preservation methods. The fact is that several rescuing techniques have been developed. Therefore an objective could be to make this discussion even more vibrant and accessible. Another vital factor is the finances, and since they play a major part in these kinds of projects it calls for an open discussion. So in conclusion we would like contribute to these discussions by displaying them on this site as a platform for further debate.

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